Don’t get scammed by Fake PSN Code Generator

This used to be a very problematic hassle. While some website were indeed offering real free PSN codes in exchange of completing surveys. Some prolly a bit too smart scam-artist realised that it would just be as easy not to give out a psn code even after a survey has been completed. It became difficult to distinguish which one were trustworthy and which one weren’t. Happily this problem ended by itself after the police got involved in some of those activities and people got afraid of doing that again.

So, how does really work a PSN Generator ? Well, it depends, some are actually backed up by real hackers, those are able to find exploits and loopholes in the code generation system, or bruteforce codes until they find working one. Those are usually a bit difficult to maintain in the long run because they require a lot of works and skills to operate as a lot more people discovers this kind of website and uses them daily. To prevent abuses it’s not uncommon to find that those website requires to complete a survey or two in order to unlock the access to your free PSN code, on the other way around, it would be impossible to have enough codes for everyone.

There is also some other kind of website which aren’t backed by exploits, but they actually really buy the psn codes and give it away to you. Those howewer requires a lot more work from your side, they ask you to complete tons of survey until you reach a minimum threeshold, it can takes one week or two before you get to that point so you must be motivated enough and keep completing as much as you can.

We could also talk about the YouTube Giveaways, there is lot of Youtubers making giveaways every single week, just join all of them and at some point you might just get that ding-ding-dong in your mailbox on a day you weren’t expecting anything. On top of that it doesn’t cost you a lot, it’s completely free and you just need to click a few buttons. Nothing too difficult right.