How to get Free PSN Cards – Legit Ways

Alright, if you’re here that means you’re looking for a way to get your hands on PSN cards, and on the free way. Of course that is not easy, I woudn’t say impossible because it is very possible to obtain free PSN codes, but you’ll have to work a little bit to achieve this goal.

I’m not sure if you weren’t aware yet, but there is quite a lot of scams around those happening those last few years. Some will asks you for your credit card number, your SSN, an ID card, anything that they could resell on the black market. But those were hunted by big name like Google and they very much completely disappeared in the early beginning of this year. So it is now pretty much safe to assume you won’t risk much by trying to find ways to get some, at the very last you are now warned and can take care of yourself.

The first we can talk about is the subreddit giveaways which list any current and upcoming giveaways, and it’s not just about PSN cards, you can win any kind of stuffs like free PS4 games, free console, free pc hardware and so on. Of course you might tell yourself you’re never gonna win until you keep going and you end up striking this piece of hardware that you can resell about $200 or $300 and you’ll be able to buy tons of PSN cards. The real success here resides in persevance. It’s like with girls, it’s just a game of numbers, the more you try, the more likely you’re going to achieve success at some point, and don’t get me wrong, it just needs to happens one time, and you’ll feel so good that you’ll keep trying.

There is also a few Survey sites where when you completes a survey, you’ll earn some points and once you got enough of them, you’ll be able to redeem a psn card or any other kind of gift card. You just need to register on any trusted one, start completing surveys and once you’ve got enough you’re good to go. The only problem with this method is that it can takes a while to get to the point where you become able to redeem anything. You’ll need to complete at least 30 or 50 surveys, it can takes days or weeks compared to a PSN Code Generator which allows you to get a card in usually just a single survey. It might be worth trying the later first.

One of the other way we could talk about, sometimes relatives gift PSN card to their child when they have an Xbox, because they didn’t really know much about it and they thought it was the same thing. So those child ends up with an unusable useless code that they cannot use thus not redeem it. They might end up trading it on website like Ebay, Reddit or Craiglist against other goods of more or less the same value. It’s very possible you possess something you find no value inside and willing to trade it away. Don’t underestimate the power of trading.